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With over 32 years of combined training experience, Roque & Associates of Miami, Inc. is a minority owned S-Corporation registered in the State of Florida, providing professional training, certification, and consulting to the public safety and motion picture community. Our motto, "Training & Services for Greater Performance" provides you with a glimpse of our commitment to our clients and our community. From CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator (AED) training to injury prevention courses, blood borne pathogens training and community disaster education, you can team up with Roque & Associates, Inc. (RAOM) and the most trusted name in health and safety training for nearly a century - the American Red Cross. Our training offers complete, flexible programs that help you, your family and your community stay prepared for virtually any life-threatening situation. Build the program that works for you using our modular curriculum.
RAOM  also produced the Water Safety Plan for the Redbull Flügtag-Miami in 2004 and 2010. In addition RAOM has been contracted to do the Redbull Flügtag - Philadelphia on September 4, 2010.

RAOM PWC Operators at Work

RAOM offers one of the most innovative and progressive services through our Youth Programs. With hands on, multi-media presentations we are able to provide F.A.C.T. (First Aid for Children Today) for children 5 to 8 years old (K-3rd grade) B.A.T. (Basic Aid Training) prepares 8 to 12 year olds (Grades 4-6) with basic first aid skills, including choking emergencies, bicycle and car safety, avoiding drugs and information on injury prevention and health.

We also offer the radKIDS® Program

radKIDS® is the national leader in children's safety, with headquarters based in South Dennis, Massachussetts. radKIDS® is brought to children and parents by the training and development of nationally certified instructors drawn from their own communities. By empowering a community with certified local instructors, the radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education package is not just a program but a true gift to the community.

radKIDS® Curriculum topics include:
Home, School and Vehicle Safety
Out and About Safety
Realistic Defense Against Abduction
Good-Bad-Uncomfortable Touch and more.
Stranger Tricks (including Physical Defense against Abduction)
Self-realization of personal power

Our Baby Sitter Course is designed for 11-15 year olds, and teaches participants on how to interview for a babysitting job, how to market yourself and how to be prepared to perform first aid if an emergency occurs.

Our Jr. Open Water SCUBA teaches 12-14 year olds how to begin the great new hobby and sport of SCUBA Diving. They also receive their own C-Card.


While we are on the subject of diving, our SCUBA Programs through WASI/NASE Worldwide is one of the most comprehensive SCUBA training courses offered.

WASI/NASE Worldwide has a philosophy that the actual job of teaching students lies in the hands of the Instructor, not the training agency. It is because of this philosophy that WASI/NASE Worldwide Instructors are given the freedom to teach each course in the manner that best accomplishes the main objective: Training Competent, Safe Divers.

ROAM offers a full range of SCUBA diving certifications from Skin Diver all the way through Master Diver, including Specialty Diver.

RAOM provides specialized training and certification through the American Red Cross, which allows for a complete and customize experience. Through our Community Programs we are able to offer first aid, disaster preparedness and other services to schools, churches and individuals that require professional and concise instruction at an affordable cost and in a convenient atmosphere.

At RAOM, we bring the services and training to those who need it, when they want.

We now offer safety education through radKIDS®.

radKIDS® is the new and revolutionary leader in children’s personal empowerment safety education and violence prevention for children. radKIDS® continues to provide leadership in promoting and implementing both national as well as community based safety education programs and services to children and parents.

RAOM also offers it’s
Pro-Diver Programs
, which offers training and certification to those who are seeking Professional/Leadership Programs.

They include WASI/NASE Worldwide Dive Master, Assistant Instructor, Open Water Instructor, Specialty Instructor, Master Instructor and Instructor Trainer.

RAOM offers all of the Public Safety Diver Courses and Certifications offered through WASI/NASE Worldwide, which are nationally recognized training and certification courses for Public Safety Divers.

Through our Workplace Programs , RAOM offers everything that an employer requires to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

From First Aid, CPR/AED to Injury Control Modules and Blood borne Pathogens, all of the training you want and need, at your location from trained, certified Instructors that care about your business.

Don't have a location for this type of training, through our network of meeting locations and local hospitals; training is only a phone call away. Just contact your insurance carrier and see how these programs can help pay for themselves.

RAOM provides training and certification, through our Public Safety Programs (PSP), to local, State, and Federal agencies.

Our tailored PSP Courses provide the most up-to-date instruction that follow or surpass DOT and CCE guidelines. Every aspect and topic that is pertinent to the Public Safety Community is available for your agency, at a competitive price.

These programs allow your Department to maintain and satisfy local, State and Federal requirements.